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This strap has been discontinued.

Product Code: STRAPDC

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Suitable for Models AR3121, AR-3121, 244LSLC1, DZ5109, DZ-5109, DZ2109, DZ-2109, DZ3014, DZ-3014, DZ5069, DZ-5069, DZ9040, DZ-9040, DZ2006, DZ-2006, DZ2114, DZ-2114, DZ5026, DZ-5026, DZ5065, DZ-5065, NY3949, NY-3949, NY1108, NY-1108, NY1105, NY-1105, NY1155, NY-1155, AX108

product information

Unfortunately, the strap for the model you require has been discontinued.

The below models have been discontinued:

AX1089, AX-1089, AX5053, AX-5053, AX2002, AX-2002, AX3053, AX-3053, AX5016, AX-5016, AX1250, AX-1250, AX-2081, AX2081, AR3114, AR-3114, AR-1455, AR1455, AR-0729, AR0729, AR-5850, AR5850,AR-0735, AR0735, AR-5719, AR5719, AR5493, AR-5493, AR5653, AR-5653, AR1132, AR0737, AR0802, AR-0802, AR9030, AR-9030, AR0340, AR-0340, AR4207 , AR-4207,AR-0654, AR0654, AR-0737, AR-1132, AR-3160, AR3160, AR-5526, AR5526, AR0665, AR-0665, AR-3102, AR3102 AR5850, AR-5850, AR0164, AR-0164, AR1025, AR-1025, AR1027, AR-1027, AR1028, AR-1028, AR0183, AR-0183, AR5516, AR-5516, AR5315, AR-5315, AR-5558, AR5558, AR5897, AR-5897,AR5726, AR-5726, AR0310, AR-0310, AR0175, AR-0175, AR0760, AR-0760, AR5701, AR-5701, AR1501, AR-1501, AR-0658, AR0658, AR-0212, AR-0668, AR0668 AR0212, AR6101, AR-6101, JR9473, JR-9473, JR-8896, JR8896, JR1352, JR-1352, JR8268, JR-8268, CH2602, CH-2602, CH2729, CH-2729, JR9944, JR-9944, JR7987, JR-7987, JR8480, JR-8480, JR8307, JR-8307, JR8201, JR-8201,DZ-9040, DZ9040, DZ-1072, DZ1072, DZ-7144, DZ7144, DZ-1195, DZ1195, DZ9050, DZ-9050, DZ4176, DZ-4176, DZ1194, DZ-1194, DZ-9021, DZ9021, DZ9029, DZ-9029, DZ-9023, DZ9023, DZ5038, DZ-5038, DZ2087, DZ-2087,DZ2135, DZ-2135, DZ-2025, DZ2025, DZ5004, DZ-5004, DZ1020, DZ2078, DZ-2078, DZ-1020, DZ1287, DZ-1287, DZ1417, DZ-1417, DZ2016, DZ-2016, JR9766, JR-9766, JR8317, JR-8317, JR8503, JR-8503, JR8745, JR-8745, ES3073, ES-3073, ES1120, ES-1120, ES9893, ES-9893,ES3055, ES-3055, BG1075, BG-1075, BG2060, BG-2060 JR9165, JR-9165, AR-5567, AR5567, NY1385, NY-1385, NY1344, NY-1344, NY-3175, NY3175, NY3839, NY-3839, NY-1340, NY1340 DZ4020, DZ-4020, DZ7144, DZ-7144, DZ9019, DZ-9019, DZ9034, DZ-9034, DZ4071, DZ-4071, DZ2106, DZ-2106, DZ3018, DZ-3018, DZ9025, DZ-9025,DZ7009, DZ-7009, DZ5067, DZ-5067, NY4275, NY-4275, DZ7112, DZ-7112 DZ3003, DZ7075, DZ-7075, DZ7061, DZ-7061, DZ4155, DZ-4155, DZ4426, DZ-4426, DZ5033, DZ-5033, DZ-3003, DZ1130, DZ-1130, DZ-5110, DZ5110, DZ-9061, DZ9061 DZ-5058, DZ5058, DZ1073, DZ-1073, DZ-1077, DZ1077,NY2028, DZ5032, DZ-5032, NY-2028, DZ2008, DZ-2008, DZ4021, DZ-4021, DZ4155, DZ-4155, NY1106, NY-1106, NY-3025, NY3025, NY-1487, NY1487, ADP1088, BU1216, BU-1216, NY-1458, NY-4315, NY-1012, NY1012, NY3050, NY-3050, NY-8342, NY8342, NY4315, NY-6001, NY6001, NY-4046, NY4046, NY4079, NY-4079, NY5003, NY-5003, NY8611, NY-8611, NY3276, NY-3276, NY-2328, NY2328, NY-3333, NY3333, NY-4633, NY4633,DZ-1085, DZ1085,DZ-2023, DZ2023, DZ-1093, DZ1093, DZ7177, DZ-7177, DZ7179, DZ-7179, DZ-1263, DZ1263, DZ-7011, DZ7011, DZ1151, DZ-1151, DZ-4175, DZ4175, DZ4082, DZ-4082, JR-8190, JR8190, AR-3121, AR3121, DZ-7034, DZ7034, DZ7050, DZ-7050, DZ7051, DZ-7051, DZ7052, DZ-7052, DZ2034, DZ-2034, DZ9030, DZ-9030, DZ-4144, DZ4144, DZ1312, DZ-1312, DZ1193, DZ-1193, DZ1222, DZ-1222 NY-3370, NY3370, NY-3913, NY3913, NY1218, NY-1218, NY1138, NY-1138, NY1383, NY1200, NY-1200, NY-1383, NY1296, NY-1296, NY3317, NY-3317, NY4163, NY-4163, NY-4064, NY4064, NY3351, N-Y3351, NY8483, NY-8483, NY8341, NY-8341, NY3464, NY-3464, NY-3931, NY3931, NY1454, NY-1454,NY-4684, NY4684, NY-3452, NY3452, NY1463, NY-1463, NY-4078, NY4078, NY1223, NY-1223, NY3422 , NY-3422, NY8586, NY-8586, NY4063, NY-4063, NY4685, NY-4685, NY1184, NY-1184, NY5051, NY-5051, NY5004, NY-5004, NY-3350, NY3350, NY4134, NY-4134, NY1010, NY-1010, NY3216, NY-3216, NY4919, NY-4919, NY-3935, NY3935 MK5138, MK-2229, MK2229, MK-8241, MK8241, NY4918, NY-4918, MK-5138, BG-1001. BG1001, BG1094, BG-1094, BG2109, BG-2109, BG2143, BG-2143, ADP1790, ADP-1790, ADP1014, ADP-1014, 640lslb, ES2177, ES-2177, ES-3796, ES3796, ES2045, ES-2045 JR1176, JR-1176, JR8712, JR-8712, ADP3041, ADP-3041, ADP-3020, ADP-3020, 249LSLBR, 885SSLB, 233XSSTM, 563XSWLW, 563XSILW, ET7821, ET-7821, 696XLT, 433XLSLBM, 329XLSLC, 360LTR, DE5009, DE-5009, PH1085, PH-1085, PH-1025, PH1025, AM3290, AM-3290, AM4340, AM-4340, 474XLMLD, DZ1072, DZ-1072, DZ4154, DZ-4154, DZ2111, DZ-2111, DZ7282, DZ-7282, BQ9297, BQ-9297
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