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  • Michael Kors Watch Battery Replacement

    By Victoria on Feb 22 2017

    The problem

    Have you just realised that your Michael Kors watch has stopped working?

    In most cases a battery replacement is required. The average life of a battery replacement is approximately 2 years so if you have had the watch for this period of time, then it is the likely cause.

    I have had my watch for less than two years but it has stopped working?

    Often new watches will have a variable battery life, as they are usually running from when they are manufactured and the time they are with the retailer. After the first battery replacement, the average life should be achieved.

    I have had my watch battery replaced but it is still not working or is not lasting very long?

    We would first recommend that a good quality battery replacement is carried out. If the watch still continues to show problems, then a full service may be required, as the watch may be consuming more power than required. We are able to undertake full service work on-site in our workshop.


    The cost

    Michael Kors watch battery replacement and resealing starts from £15.00. If you are posting the watch in, a postage charge of £6.95 would apply. The watch battery cost would be confirmed once the watch has been assessed. We can provide an immediate estimate in our London based workshop.

    The process

    1) The watch can be brought into store or sent to us by post
    2) The watch would be assessed by our expert watchmakers
    3) An estimate would be provided by email/in person
    4) If the estimate is accepted the battery replacement would be undertaken


    Our Specialist Expertise

    All Michael Kors battery replacements are under taken on-site in our Wembley, London workshop. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to professionally open and replace the battery on any Michael Kors watch.

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    Contact Us for an estimate stating the model number which can be found on the back case of the the starting with MK e.g. MK5034

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