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  • Top 10 Men’s Armani Exchange Watches 2017

    By Victoria on Aug 31 2017

    Functional and Trendy Watches by Armani for Men

    Armani is a premium brand known for its stylish clothes, accessories, glasses, cosmetics, and perfumes. With its years of experience in creating mesmerizing products that have transformed the landscape of fashion and style, it ventured into the world of watches with its Armani Exchange watch collection. The Armani Exchange watches collection sold by Armani comprises of some of the finest accessories in the world of fashion. These watches easily transition from day to night and look grand when paired with classy materials and designs. Below is a list of Armani Exchange men’s watches that you can buy and make a style statement wherever you go:

    1. Armani Exchange Men’s Watch AX2104: Flawless Style Appeal


    With a bracelet type strap and round face shape, the Armani exchange men’s watch AX2104 is an elegant and stylish product. The watch has iconic black ion-plated stainless steel case. The bracelet of the watch fastens with a push button fold over safety clasp. It features a textured dial that looks fascinating with gunmetal hands. A date function is provided which allows the wearer to keep track of the date. This watch is resistant to water up to 50 meters and very durable. The Armani exchange men’s watch AX2104 comes with an original Armani exchange box which can be used for storing the watch when it is not in use.

    2. Armani Exchange Chronograph Men’s Watch AX1326: Battery-Powered Movement


    The Armani exchange chronograph men’s watch AX1326 has an elegant black coloured dial. It works with a accurate battery-powered movement, telling you time with great precision. The index minute markers are easy to read and a date function is present for letting you know about the date. It comes with a strap which is black in colour and goes well with different types of accessories. This men’s black Armani exchange watch is round in shape and made from durable polycarbonate material. It comes with an original Armani exchange box which is black in colour.

    3. Armani Exchange Men’s Watch AX2145: Classic Appeal with a Splash of Gold


    For people who like classic watches, the Armani exchange men’s watch AX2145 can be a nice addition to their collection. With a profound style and classic appeal, it comes with a golden bracelet and a deep black dial. The golden index minute markers are intricately crafted and the 50 m water-resistant feature ensures the watch remains immune from exposure to water. There is no need to worry about the watch falling from your wrist while performing physical tasks as the deployment clasp keeps it tightly fastened to your wrist at all times. The Armani exchange gold watch comes in an original Armani exchange packaging.

    4. Armani Exchange Chronograph Men’s Watch AX1214: Durable Stainless Steel Build


    If you are looking for a durable and sturdy watch that can withstand the test of time, you have to look no further than the Armani exchange chronograph men’s watch AX1214. Besides being robust, it is also immaculate looking, perfect to be worn at any occasion. With a silver coloured bracelet type strap, it looks nice when paired with formal clothes. It has a push button fold over clasp for easy opening and closing operation. The dial is black in colour and it has date, chronograph, 24-hour dial as some of the most prominent features. With its amazing attributes and cutting edge design, this watch is an integral part of Armani exchange men’s watches UK collection, perfect for most men.

    5. Armani Exchange Chronograph Men’s Watch AX2058: Refined Looks and Easy Operation


    With the perfect blend of style and functionality, the Armani exchange chronograph men’s watch AX2058 makes the selection process for your next watch easy. It comes with a simple and useful date function, so that you do not have to open the calendar on your smartphone to check the date. Resistant to water up to 50 meters, this watch is durable and long-lasting at the same time. It comes with the ever reliable battery-powered movement and an index minute marker for a comfortable time reading experience. It can be reliably secured with a push button fold over clasp and comes with an original case cover for storage when it is not on your wrist.

    6. Armani Exchange Men’s Watch AX2099: Sophisticated Watch for Modern Men


    Constructed with the interests of modern men in mind, the Armani exchange men’s watch AX2099 has a remarkable style appeal. It has a golden dial which stands out and makes an instant impression whenever you wear it. This sophisticated watch is not only durable, but also resistant to water up to 50 meters. It comes with a gracefully finished gold-tone adjustable bracelet strap which is fastened by a deployment clasp. This is one of the finest AX men’s watches available in the market as it includes features like date, chronograph, and a 24-hour dial. This amazing watch for modern men comes in safe and secure Original Armani Exchange Packaging.

    7. Armani Exchange Men’s Watch AX2322: Understated yet Elegant


    If you are a watch aficionado, you will probably understand how much an understated watch brings to the table at a board meeting or an interview. Without being overly pretentious, the Armani exchange men’s watch AX2322 adds a sophisticated touch to your executive ensemble and highlights your seriousness for the job at hand. It comes in an original Armani exchange packaging and has push button fold over clasp for easy opening and closing operation. This men’s black Armani exchange watch is a testament to the craftsmanship exhibited by the designers. It has a black bracelet type clasp and a round face that looks simple yet terrific. Besides its obvious good looks, it boasts of water resistance up to 50 meters and enhanced durability.

    8. Armani Exchange Chronograph Men’s Watch AX2092: Pristine Design with a Sprinkle of Sparkle


    The Armani exchange chronograph men’s watch AX2092 features a stainless steel case that provides it with durability and has some sparkle added to the mix in the form of stones on the dial. It has features like date, chronograph, and 24-hour dial which adds to the functionality and makes it convenient for everyday operation. The Armani exchange men’s watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters and quite sturdy. This silver colour watch has a round shape and bracelet strap with a push button fold over clasp opening and closing mechanism. It fits a maximum wrist size of 21 cm and comes in original Armani exchange package.

    9. Armani Exchange Men’s Watch AX2133: Classic Styled Watch with Leather Strap


    Men who cherish classic pieces will definitely like the style appeal of the Armani exchange men’s watch AX2133. This timeless piece features a stunning blue dial with a silver strip that has Armani Exchange written on it. The watch has a rich brown leather strap and stainless steel case and it is water resistant up to 50 meters. With a maximum wrist size of 21 cm, it fits the wrist of most men. The watch has a round face shape and an easy to close and open standard pin buckle clasp type. When not in use, you can keep it in original Armani exchange packaging which comes with the watch.

    10. Armani Exchange Men’s Watch AX2101: Smooth Looks and a Contemporary Style


    The Armani exchange men’s watch AX2101 showcases the perfect blend of functionality and looks. This Armani exchange men’s watch features a smooth leather strap with polished silver frame. The date function is quite handy and the standard pin buckle is easy to use for securing the watch on the wrist. It has a macho design that adds a new dimension of style and a stainless steel body that ensures durability. This watch is quite sturdy and resistant to water up to 50 meters. The watch comes elegantly packaged in an original Armani exchange packaging with a 2 year Armani exchange guarantee.

    Armani Exchange Watches: The Perfect Marriage of Style and Functionality

    Armani exchange men’s watches in the UK focus on style and functionality in equal proportions, bringing you a product that is visually appealing and useful at the same time. Different watches with distinguished features and designs present a variety of options to the buyers from which they can choose from. You can make a selection based on your preferences and find the perfect companion for your wrist.

  • Voted as being a top 15 Watch Repair Blog

    By Victoria on Aug 2 2017

    We are pleased to announce that we have been voted as a Top 15 Watch Repair Blog from an independent editorial review by Feedspot. The ranking is based on Google reputation, influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, quality and consistency of posts and most importantly a review by the Feedspot experts and editorial team.

    Our watch repairs page continues to provide relevant meaningful information to help you answer your watch repair questions.

    We thank Feedspot for this prestigious award.





  • Gucci watch clasp replacement

    By Victoria on Jun 7 2017

    Gucci watch bracelets are fitted with a range of different clasp mechanisms. They can come with jewellery clasps/ butterfly locking mechanisms and a variety of other closures which are unique to Gucci watches.

    Unfortunately if incorrect closure method is used, the clasp and closure mechanism may require replacement or re-synchronisation as the watch ages. Is the clasp on your Gucci watch becoming undone whilst wearing the watch? This is should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid the risk of losing your watch.

    Our Specialist Expertise

    At Babla’s we specialised in all Gucci watch repairs including carrying out replacement/repair of the clasp and locking mechanism in our on-site workshop in Wembley, London. Only genuine replacement parts are used as we are a authorised service centre for Gucci watches.

    The process

    1) The watch can be brought into store or sent to us by post
    2) The watch would be assessed by our expert watchmakers
    3) An estimate would be provided by email/in person
    4) If the estimate is accepted then the clasp repair/replacement would be undertaken in our on-site workshop

    Contact Us for an estimate stating the model number which can be found on the back case of the watch starting with some numbers followed by a letter e.g. 1500L.

  • Michael Kors Watch Battery Replacement

    By Victoria on Feb 22 2017

    The problem

    Have you just realised that your Michael Kors watch has stopped working?

    In most cases a battery replacement is required. The average life of a battery replacement is approximately 2 years so if you have had the watch for this period of time, then it is the likely cause.

    I have had my watch for less than two years but it has stopped working?

    Often new watches will have a variable battery life, as they are usually running from when they are manufactured and the time they are with the retailer. After the first battery replacement, the average life should be achieved.

    I have had my watch battery replaced but it is still not working or is not lasting very long?

    We would first recommend that a good quality battery replacement is carried out. If the watch still continues to show problems, then a full service may be required, as the watch may be consuming more power than required. We are able to undertake full service work on-site in our workshop.


    The cost

    Michael Kors watch battery replacement and resealing starts from £15.00. If you are posting the watch in, a postage charge of £6.95 would apply. The watch battery cost would be confirmed once the watch has been assessed. We can provide an immediate estimate in our London based workshop.

    The process

    1) The watch can be brought into store or sent to us by post
    2) The watch would be assessed by our expert watchmakers
    3) An estimate would be provided by email/in person
    4) If the estimate is accepted the battery replacement would be undertaken


    Our Specialist Expertise

    All Michael Kors battery replacements are under taken on-site in our Wembley, London workshop. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to professionally open and replace the battery on any Michael Kors watch.

    Other Repairs

    Michael Kors Crown and stem replacement
    Michael Kors Watch Glass Replacement
    Michael Kors watch strap replacement
    Michael Kors Extension (extra) links


    Contact Us for an estimate stating the model number which can be found on the back case of the the starting with MK e.g. MK5034

  • TAG Heuer crown replacement and repair

    By Victoria on Jun 8 2016


    Our expertise

    At Babla’s we specialise in TAG watch repairs. We are able to carry out partial repairs such a crown replacements on a range of TAG Heuer models including TAG Heuer Formula 1, TAG Heuer Aquaracer, TAG Heuer Carrera and all other models.

    We only use original TAG Heuer parts and all repairs are carried out on-site in our swiss standard workshop using the latest equipment.


    Common reasons

    1) The threads of the crown/case may have worn out - therefore there is a problem screwing the crown down tight

    2) The crown has snapped at the winding stem due to excessive force  whilst adjusting the time

    What does a crown replacement involve?

    1) Replacing the crown/screw down crown with an original TAG Heuer replacement

    2) Replacing the winding stem (part which attaches crown to the movement) if this has snapped and is necessary

    3) Resealing and pressure testing the watch once the replacement has been carried out to ensure it is water resistant to the required standard

    4) A battery replacement can be carried out at the same time if required

    How long does it take and what are the costs?

    The cost for a crown and stem replacement is dependant on the exact model and how the crown has broken. The repair can usually be turned around in 10-14 working days depending on availability of parts. We can provide a more accurate estimate after assessment of the watch.

    How to have this repair carried out?

    We are able to offer this repair via our postal repairs service or you can bring it to us in-store by making a prior appointment. For all other repairs, please visit our Tag watch repairs page.

  • Omega Seamaster battery replacement and pressure test

    By Victoria on May 4 2016

    Omega Seamaster quartz watches are fitted with an end of life indicator which indicate that the battery is coming to the end of it’s life; this is usually indicated by the second hand jumping in intervals which can be seen in this blog post. The average battery life of an original replacement is approximately 24 months, provided the other components of the movement are in good working order.


    Omega seamaster battery replacement and pressure test

    Other signs

    Sometimes other signs are also present indicating a battery replacement is required:

    1) Your Omega watch may stop all together
    2) Your Omega watch may work intermittently
    3) Your Omega watch may start loosing time/running slow


    The process

    1) The watch can sent to us for an battery replacement by post or you can book an appointment to have it replaced while you wait in store
    2) A confirmed cost would be given for the battery replacement after assessing the watch
    3) The battery replacement will be carried out. This would include a pressure test, reseal and ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet
    4) The battery replacement is carried out by our expert watchmakers/technicians in an approved Omega workshop
    5) The watch is returned securely

    Our expertise

    1) Babla’s are an authorised service centre for Omega watches based in Wembley, London UK. Being a London based repair centre, we are accessible by London Underground with Wembley Central (Bakerloo Line) in close proximity.
    2) For customers who are not able to visit us personally, we offer a secure postal watch repair service. The turnaround time is usually 10-14 working days.
    3) We offer a 12 months guarantee on the battery replacement
    4) Experts in watch repairs since 1895

    The cost

    An Omega battery change and pressure test starts from only £65.00. The exact replacement cost would depend on your model and water resistance level. Please visit us in store or send your watch to us for a no obligation estimate for the battery replacement, pressure test and resealing.  For more information on other Omega Seamaster watch repairs including servicing, please visit our Omega watch repairs page.

  • Rado 193.0324.3 glass replacement

    By Victoria on Apr 20 2016

    This week in our workshop we have received a Rado 193.0324.3 for glass (crystal) replacement. This is an all ceramic watch under the Rado "Ceramica" family.

    This is a popular model and has the unique feature of bearing the analog and digital time, therefore also sometimes referred to as a Rado Ana-Digi watch.


    It is fortunate in this case that damage is mainly external, and there is no passageway for dust/water penetration into the movement. It is always advisable that if any damage has taken place to the casing/glass of a Rado watch this is repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the watch.

    As a Rado certified service centre we are able to carry out these repairs in our London based workshop. If your watch has a similar problem, please contact us for a quote.


  • The Evolution of Swatch

    By Victoria on Apr 7 2016

    For years, Swatch has been the go-to brand for unique and unconventional timepieces. Here Babla’s Jewellers uncovers the history of Swatch.

    Swiss-made watches have always had a reputation for excellence. Up until the 1980s, a Swiss watch was the archetypal timepiece — classic, traditional and painstakingly crafted. They were the prized possessions of many and often passed down through the generations.

    However, while Switzerland was busy pouring over their signature timepieces, Asia was hard at work creating quartz watches that were both accurate and, above all, cheap to buy. This had a knock-on effect on the Swiss watchmakers and the industry more widely. Switzerland’s market share was reduced by more than 35%, while 65,000 jobs were lost.

    The Swiss watchmaking industry was in turmoil — it had to change in order to survive. That’s when, in the 1980s, Nicholas G. Hayek recognised what was missing — personality. Believing that you shouldn’t have to stop at owning just one watch, he developed the idea of a ‘second watch’.

    Unlike the classical timepieces of yonder, the watch was designed to convey a person’s individual style. In short, it was intend to be a talking point that triggered an emotion with both the wearer and onlookers — Swatch was born.

    Only the beginning…

    The 1.98mm Delirum Tremens was recognised as the thinnest watch in the world at the time. Developed by a group of engineers in Fontainemelon, this incredible feat was achieved by revolutionising the overall design of the watch. The typical three-part design of a bottom plate, case and frame was eradicated in favour of a one-piece case that doubles up as a bottom plate.

    While this was a definite step towards the future of watch making, the development did little to reduce costs — Asia still had an advantage over the market. The search began for a new material that would do exactly that. The result was a plastic watch that was accurate, shock proof, unique and viable for mass production.

    From a ‘second watch’ to 333 million…

    Within weeks of the launch of their first watch, Swatch had quickly gained a reputation for excellence and innovation. Despite boasting a non-traditional design, it was clear that the fundamentals of Swiss watchmaking remained, as quality and accuracy were paramount.

    As demand for the watches increased rapidly, Swatch continued to push the boundaries of watchmaking. Through experimenting with other synthetic materials in a variety of shapes, colours and textures, the brand experienced incredible success. In 2006, they manufactured their 333 millionth watch and didn’t stop there. To this day, they are still known as one of the foremost innovators of watch design.


    Like all good brands, there have been many stand-out moments for Swatch. From collaborations with influential designers to endorsing major sporting events, here are a few highlights of the brand’s rich and vibrant history:

    • Art — Described as the “world’s smallest canvas”, artists like Jean-Michel Folon, Mimmo Rotella and Spike Lee have designed pieces for the watches. In June 2011, the brand’s relationship with art stepped up a notch after a partnership with the world’s most influential contemporary art show, The 54th International Art Exhibition.
    • Sport — As well as providing official timekeeping at major events, the brand is responsible for drawing attention to action and lifestyle sports like surfing, snowboarding, skiing and beach volleyball. As part of the brand’s support of the World Snowboard Tour, fans, athletes and designers were given the change to design a Swatch watch.
    • Design — In an age where smart watches are growing ever-more popular, Swatch has moved with the times, adapting their watches with LCD dials and touch-sensitive buttons.

    By looking at the evolution of Swatch, it’s clear that the brand is firmly rooted in innovation. We look forward to seeing how the brand evolves in the future — only time will tell which route they will take…

    Looking for a unique timepiece? Take a look at Babla’s Jewellers’ range of Swatch watches online today.

  • Watch troubleshooting: the most common watch problems

    By Victoria on Apr 4 2016

    Whether it’s a gift or a family heirloom, watches can carry a thousand sentiments. As treasured items, we hold them dear to our hearts. Unfortunately, the years aren’t always kind to our timepieces.

    From seized buttons to a flat battery, the good news is that many common watch problems can be resolved using our expertise. Take a look at our watch troubleshooting guide to diagnose your problem and discover how our instore or postal repair service can assist you:

    “My battery watch has stopped ticking”

    There’s nothing more annoying that glancing at your watch only to find that it has stopped. However, rather than let your timepiece linger unused in a drawer, it can usually be easily repaired.

    In most cases, your watch will stop when battery replacement is required. The average life of a battery is around two years, although some have an extended life of three or more years. Depending on the type of watch you have, this is usually a straightforward problem to rectify — all you’ll need is a replacement battery along with a pressure test if your watch is water resistant.

    Trying to replace the battery yourself can damage the internal mechanism if sufficient care is not taken. To avoid causing unnecessary damage, you should always seek a watch repair specialist to change the battery and ensure the watch is still water resistant.

     “My second hand is skipping”

    Another common problem is the second hand skipping several seconds. While this may seem like a major issue to the untrained eye, it is actually your watch telling you that the life of your battery is coming to an end. This is usually a feature of high-end watches with electronic circuits that detect a low voltage supply. A watch repair specialist can easily rectify this issue by replacing the battery.

    “I’m thinking about replacing the battery early”

    A battery can be replaced before it is due to be replaced. This is advised if you are planning to store the watch for many months and know the battery is approaching the end of life. Leaving a discharged battery within the watch for a prolonged period of time can cause a lot of damage to the mechanism and circuit as chemicals can leak out of the battery.

    “The screen on my digital watch has gone black”

    This can be bad news for a digital watch. A digital display is created by conductive fluid sandwiched between two thin pieces of glass. If the screen on your watch has gone completely black, it is usually a sign that this glass has become cracked or contaminated, damaging the fluid.

    As you can imagine, the scale of the damage can be costly, although a reputable repair specialist should be able to fix it for you. However, because of the relatively low price of digital watches, it’s usually cheaper and easier to simply replace your watch.

    “The buttons on my watches are stuck”

    In some instances, the buttons of your watch can become stuck. While this isn’t a major issue, it is far from ideal. The problem stems from a build-up of dirt and corrosion in the button mechanism of the watch. When the button is depressed, a spring usually returns it to the original position. However, because of the build-up, the spring is unable to function. Lubrication may be required if no other parts are damaged. The usual solution for this is for a specialist to carry out a maintenance check on your watch, cleaning the components and potentially replacing the spring or button if necessary.

    With the proper care and attention, you can ensure your watch is in perfect working order. Here at Babla’s Jewellers’, we offer a professional watch repair service. Specialists in OMEGA, Rado, Longines, TAG Heuer and more, we are capable of carrying out a number of repairs. Simply complete and print our watch repair form and send us your watch for a no obligation estimate.

  • Our Apple Watch 2 wish list

    By Victoria on Mar 24 2016

    The rumour mill is in full swing, with many tech fans speculating that the new Apple Watch will be with us as early as March 2016. While this remains unconfirmed by the brand itself, it hasn’t stopped us from wondering what the Apple Watch 2 will bring.

    Here’s what Babla’s Jewellers would like to see on the new Apple Watch.

    Apple Watch

    More choice of watch faces

    The current Apple Watch comes with a small selection of watch faces to choose from. And, while it’s great to have interchangeable cases and watch straps, we want to make our watch even more personal!

    We hope the Apple Watch 2 has a greater choice of watch faces, so we can have a different face for every mood, occasion and outfit.

    Improved performance

    Quicker performance is on the wish list of every tech fan. While there’s no question about the Apple Watch’s usability, sometimes app performance can let the gadget down. Slow, buggy apps need to go, so we’re hoping to see a faster processor in the new watch.

    Better battery life

    At present, the Apple Watch lasts around a day on a full charge, although this can vary depending on how much you use the gadget. There’s been too many times when we’ve forgotten to charge the watch on an evening, only for it to go flat midway through the following day. An improved battery life would be a big bonus in the new watch.

    A camera

    Imagine snapping a selfie on your watch? As well as a host of hardware and software updates, we’re hoping to see some new features on the Apple Watch 2. We’re not sure where exactly Apple would fit it in, but a camera would be a great addition to the tech, helping us to ditch the selfie stick forever!

    Ordered apps

    While we do like the appearance of the Apple home screen, the freeform layout of the apps can sometimes make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Having the option of arranging them in a grid format would be a great update on the new device.


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