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Rado Watch Repairs

We are specialists in all Rado watch repairs and battery replacements. It is recommended that Rado watch repairs Rado watch repairs
should only 
be undertaken by qualified professional watchmakers who have the correct equipment and tools to carry out repairs or battery replacements.

We only use original Rado parts for all our Rado watch repairs. We keep a selection of parts in stock to
ensure we offer our customers a fast and efficient service.


What repairs can be undertaken for Rado watches?

  • Adjust/Reduce Rado watch links of all watches and models
  • Replacement of Rado watch battery/batteries and resealing
  • Carry out full service for automatic and battery operated (quartz) Rado watches
  • Repair Rado watch clasps that may not close or fit new clasps for Rado watches
  • New Rado watch crowns fitted for all models
  • New Rado watch mineral glasses
  • Replacement/New Rado watch bracelets
  • Original Rado watch leather straps and links, Rado ceramic replacement links
  • All Rado watch repairs are undertaken


Price Guide
Prices below are subject to assessment and are listed to provide an indicative cost of repair. An accurate quote can be provided after assessment. All prices quoted inclusive of VAT. A postage and packing charge of £5.95 applies on any repair that we return back to you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide estimates or answer any queries for any repairs/replacement parts required without assessment of the watch i.e. by email/phone/fax.

Battery replacement and pressure test

From £20.00

Full service for battery operated (quartz) watches

From £75.00 + Parts

Multifunctional (Ana-digi) from £195.00 + Parts

Full service automatic/mechanical watches

From £95.00 + Parts

Full service quartz chronograph watches

From £125.00 + Parts

Full service automatic chronograph watches

From £195.00 + Parts

All other repairs or replacement parts

(Bracelet shortening, additional links, clasps, crystals, straps, bracelets, part jobs)

Price on assessment

Why send your watch to us for a battery change?

  • Use of original Swiss batteries
  • We offer free advice on whether the watch is in need of a service
  • Fast turnaround time offered, normally 10-14 working days.
  • Resealing of your watch


We aim to offer a professional Rado repair service which is efficient and customer focussed.

If a standard battery change is required, we aim to offer a fast turnaround of replacing your battery within 5-7 working days, if your watch is sent to us. Other places may quote a time of 3-6 weeks just to have a battery replaced.

If you intend to visit our repair centre, we can normally change your battery on the day. It is advisable to contact us to check the availability of our watchmakers, if wish to come in to our repair centre.


What is the difference between resealing your watch and water testing?

When a battery is changed in your Rado watch, we apply special silicon grease, which prevents water entering from the back case of your Rado watch.

In most cases this is enough to allow you to wear your watch if there are accidental splashes of water such as washing your hands or in the rain.

As there are many water seals in a watch which help prevent the entry of water, a standard battery change does not include the replacement of these seals. Due to this reason we are unable to offer a guarantee for water resistance.

If you require full water resistant testing an additional charge will be applied and all seals can be replaced. This is usually only advised when a watch is serviced.


Sending your watch to us for assessment

If you would like to send your watch for an assessment, please read the guidelines for sending your watch to us which can be found on the watch repair page. If the estimate is not accepted only a return postage and packaging charge is payable.